The Ultimate Guide To Custom Wood Range Hoods

Custom Wood Range Hoods by Archways & Ceilings

Our Wood Range Hoods Are Both Affordable And Custom

Instant Pricing

Wood Range Hoods Pricing

Wood Range Hood Customization

Straight Range Hood Styles

Curved Range Hood Styles

9 styles of custom range hoods from Archways & Ceilings

Important Items To Consider When Choosing Wood Range Hoods

  • Vent liner — your vent liner (or vent insert) is the starting point for your wood range hood project.
  • Measurements — ensuring the measurements are correct and that the range hood you want will be the right size for the space you need.
  • Approval drawings — once the drawings are approved our team will begin production.
  • Installation — installing our range hoods is actually quite simple, and we’re here to help every step of the way.
  • Finishing — what materials will you use to finish the range hood to achieve the look you desire?

Custom Wood Range Hoods Made Easy

Step 1: Picking Your Vent Insert (and/or Liner)

Step 2: Putting Together Your Wood Range Hood Measurements

Measuring Your Wood Range Hood
Measuring Your Range Vent Insert
blocking inside the hood to secure your vent insert

Step 3: Choosing your Wood Range Hood Style

Step 4: Placing Your Wood Range Hood Order

Step 5: Approval Drawings Prior to Manufacturing

Step 6: Manufacturing & Shipping Your Range Hood

Step 7: Installing Your Wood Range Hood

Step 8: Finishing Out Your Wood Range Hood

Archways & Ceilings — Your Source For Wood Range Hoods



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