Stylish Wine Cellar Design Ideas For Your Home

The Barrel Room at Bourgmont Windery

Important Considerations When Designing A Wine Cellar

Framing Your Wine Cellar

Insulation and Vapor Barrier

Closed-cell foam insulation being applied for a wine cellar

Electrical Outlets And Light Fixtures

Doors And Windows

Ideal Lighting For Wine Cellars

Wine Racks And Shelving

Ideal Temperature And Humidity For Storing Your Wine Collection

7 Amazing Home Wine Cellar Ideas

Rustic Wine Cellar Style

Barrel Vault Ceiling by Archways & Ceilings in a rustic wine cellar

Modern Wine Cellar Style

Vintage Wine Cellar Style

Vintage wine cellar with groin vault, wall niche, and archway opening from Cua builders

Spanish-Style Wine Cellar

Traditional-Style Wine Cellar

Traditional wine cellar groin vault wine niches from Cua Builders

Smaller Wine Room Ideas

Custom Wine Room

Final Thoughts



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