Stunning Foyer Design Ideas To Wow Your Guests

Traditional Foyer with groin vault ceiling and arched entryways

Foyer Ceilings And Entryway Design Ideas

Massive wood-finished groin vault with arched windows in grand foyer

Modern Foyer Design

Modern foyer with groin vault ceiling

Contemporary Modern Foyer Design

Double Radius Ceiling With Ceiling Fan In Foyer

Small Foyer Ideas

Wall niches come in a variety of styles and are perfect for foyers and entryways

Farmhouse Foyer Ideas

Groin vault ceiling in a farmhouse style foyer

Long Foyer Ideas

Barrel Vault Ceilings are excellent for Foyers, Entryways, and long hallways

Elegant Foyer Ideas

Elongated Dome Ceiling in an elegant foyer

Final Thoughts



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