Master Bedroom Ceiling Designs

7 Master Bedroom Ceiling Ideas to Make a Statement

We’ve been at this a long time (since 1988!), and have helped countless homeowners transform their master bedrooms into their own personal sanctuaries with one-of-a-kind ceiling designs. So, keep reading to learn more about how you can also enhance your master bedroom with one of our unique ceiling designs.

Vaulted Ceiling Bedroom Ideas To Add Some Height

A vaulted ceiling is any ceiling built with a self-supporting arch or beam. This usually draws the eyes upwards which creates a sense of volume and space.

Groin Vault Ceilings

A Groin Vault Ceiling is a great way to bring soft lines into your bedroom while still adding an element of grandeur. This ceiling design consists of two barrel vaults intersecting at right angles. This softens the edges of your ceiling by adding curved surfaces.

Groin Vault Ceiling in Master Bedroom

Barrel Vault Ceilings

Barrel Vault Ceilings are created from a series of continuous archways to form a smooth, round ceiling. This is a simple way to change the whole look of the bedroom! Depending on the finish, you could create a more natural, rustic atmosphere with wood, or keep things smooth and elegant with paint.

Barrel Vault Ceiling Being Finished with Drywall

Master Bedroom Tray Ceiling Ideas

Tray ceilings are also referred to as inverted or recessed ceilings. These bedroom ceiling designs bring straight lines and a sense of formality to a master bedroom.

Cove Ceilings

If you’re not into the straight lines and formality of a traditional tray ceiling, Cove Ceilings are for you. Cove ceilings still incorporate the overall design of a tray ceiling with its raised center. But, it ditches the rigid and formal lines for a softer, more curved look.

Master Bedroom Ceiling Design Ideas - Cove Ceilings

Dome Ceilings

Dome Ceilings, like the traditional tray, also have an inverted center. So, this is a great bedroom ceiling idea for a smaller master bedroom.

Master Bedroom Ceiling With Recessed Dome Ceiling

Radius Ceilings

If your master bedroom is on the bigger side and you’re wanting to add some flair, a Radius Ceiling is perfect. While it doesn’t add as much height as the Dome or Cove Ceilings, it makes up for it in the detail.

Modern Master Bedroom Ceiling with Tray Ceiling and Radius Curves
Modern Bedroom Ceiling Design with Radius Inside Out Curves

Make it Your Own With Cool Bedroom Ceiling Design Ideas

If you’re still unsure, trust your instincts and make it your own. You could either create your own cool bedroom ceiling design with the help of our team at Archways and Ceilings, or you could install an extravagant Astroid Ceiling.

Astroid Curve Ceiling

Astroid Curve Ceilings are elaborate designs that require a spacious room. These are a modern transitional approach to ceiling design and they’re full of detail. It incorporates various shapes, lines, and curves to create an eye-catching design.

Master Bedroom Ceiling with Astroid Curve Ceiling Tray Design

Specialty Ceilings

An interesting ceiling design is a perfect way to add a personal touch to your home. And, what better room than your master bedroom?

Final Thoughts on Master Bedroom Ceiling Designs

A detailed and eye-catching ceiling is the perfect addition to any home but, more specifically, to the master bedroom. It’s a cost-effective and simple way to add texture, drama, and visual interest to your room.



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