Easy Home Improvements That Add The Most Value

A custom range hood framing kit being installed

Simple Home Improvement Ideas That Will Boost A Home’s Value

1. Upgrade The Kitchen

Recently remodeled kitchen with new countertops and flooring

New Countertops

Upgrade The Range Hood

Modern Range Hood Kit Being Installed During Home Renovation

Faucets & Hardware

2. Beautify The Bathrooms

New Fixtures & Faucets

New chrome shower fixtures to upgrade bathroom during home remodel

Refresh The Tiles

3. Wall Niches

Newly installed Wall Niches waiting to be finished during home remodel

4. Ceiling Upgrades

Ceiling Kits

Dome Ceiling Kit being installed during home remodeling

5. Fresh Paint

White paint with roller being prepared for home paint remodel

Appeal To Future Buyers With Neutrals

6. New Flooring

Increase The Home Value With Wood Veneer Or Cork Floors

Laminate wood flooring being installed during home remodeling project

7. Boost The Property’s Curb Appeal

  1. Install a new garage door or front door. If you don’t need or want to replace the whole thing, updating your garage door and front door with wood restoring products or a fresh coat of paint can work wonders.
  2. Fix the mailbox post, repaint the mailbox, or install an attractive new one
  3. Paint the exterior walls and garden gate
  4. Replace worn house numbers
  5. Consider window replacement, at least for the front of the property
  6. Remove mold and mildew from exterior walls with a power washer
The exterior of a house being painted to improve curb appeal during home renovations




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