Arches And Ceilings For Modern Church Construction

Church Architecture: Modern Ceilings and Arches

Present-day styles incorporate ceiling domes and arches through simple and clean lines. These replace the richly ornamental detail of the traditional fresco-painted ceilings.

Church vaulted ceilings

In architectural terms, a vault is an arch that extends over an open area.

Vaulted Ceilings at St. Anne's Church in Annaberg, Germany

Archways for churches

While modern architecture uses concrete and steel as support structures, the arch is still widely used for shaping openings and creating flow within a space.

Arches being built in a church using archway kits from Archways and Ceilings

Dome ceilings for churches

Prefabricated kits make installing dome ceilings much easier than it used to be! Domes can be formed in almost any configuration imaginable, including elliptical shapes, bell-shaped curves, and structures with distinct spines.

Dome Ceiling being constructed at a church

Featured Church Projects Using Domes, Arches, and Groin Vaults

At Archways and Ceilings, we are proud to have our kits featured in the construction of several beautiful, modern churches.

St. John The Baptist Greek Orthodox Church

This Greek Orthodox Church is typical of Byzantine architecture with hallmark soaring spaces and sumptuous decoration.

Dome Ceilings and Arches being finished in St. John The Baptist Greek Orthodox Church

St. Sava Church

The construction of St. Sava Church in Allen, Texas, was completed in 2019. The church features several archways and one magnificent dome ceiling.

St. John of Damascus

The St. John of Damascus Church in Tyler, Texas, is a simple, yet impressive modern structure. The exterior features multiple arched windows as well as nine arches framing the entrance. Similar to the St. Sava church, the entrance design consists of multiple smaller arches on either side of one larger central arch.

Dome Ceilings and Arches in St. John of Damascus Church - Tyler, TX

Final Thoughts

The great churches and cathedrals of Europe have left a vast body of architectural elements used today.



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